Full Tilt Poker

Anyone who has been playing poker online has heard about Full Tilt Poker. The online casino was established in 2004, and has quickly become one of the most popular online locations to play poker. There are several reasons why poker players love to play at Full Tilt.

One of the more impressive reasons to become a registered member of Full Tilt’s poker community is their free roll tournaments. These are tournaments that have no buy in, the only thing the players need is their bankroll and they can start playing. The advantage of winning one of these tournaments is that it guarantees the player a place at one of the poker tables at the upcoming World Series of Poker. Anyone who is interested in the free roll tournaments needs to get their but over to website as quickly as possible. The tournaments only allow a limited number of participants and the seats fill up quickly.

Full Tilt does not just have free roll tournaments. Right now they also have something which is called Big Money Sundays. This is actually three different poker tournaments. The first tournament, the Knockout Brawl, starts at 2:00 EST. The last tournament of the day is called the $750K Sunday Guarantee and it is just getting started at 5:00 EST. The $750K Sunday Guarantee is considered one Full Tilts best because the promise of the large prize means that some of the best poker players in the world are logging on in the hopes that they will be taking home the first place prize. The $750K Sunday Guarantee is a Texas Hold ‘em tournament.

The FullTilt website uses the best software that they can find. The software is considered world class. The high quality of the software ensures that every single game is played smoothly and that there are no interruptions or problems with the games. This not something that poker players can always be confident about when they are playing poker on another website.

There is something for everybody on the Full Tilt website. The poker games they offer include;

•    Omaha Hi-Lo
•    Texas Hold ‘em
•    Omaha High
•    Razz .
•    Horse
•    7 Card Stud
•    7 Card Stud Hi-Lo
•    HO
•    HA

One of the things that Full Tilt Poker is doing is providing a very attractive signing bonus to anyone who becomes a registered member. The signing bonus they are currently running is a one hundred percent match to whatever the member’s first deposit is, up to $600. This means that a talented poker player has the ability to build an impressive bank roll without actually touching any of their own money.

One of the more innovative things that Full Tilt Poker has recently done is the creation of Rush Poker on the Go. This is a program that allows the members to not only access their Full Tilt account from their cell phones, but will even allow them to play in games. This means that poker players who are traveling can whip out their cell phone and play a hand or two of poker while whenever they get bored.