EuroGrand Casino

Some say a casino is only as good as its platform. I disagree. There is a lot that goes into the making of a great online casino. And the EuroGrand seems to have gotten it right every step of the way. Did I mention, by the way, that it runs on the Playtech platform? Truth is, that there is nothing lacking from the EuroGrand experience. Playtech is one of the best platforms on earth, but the people behind EuroGrand didn’t just sit on their laurels, and rely on their excellent platform. They built one of the best online casinos from the ground up.

Some casinos boast 300+ games. EuroGrand doesn’t. They have a modest roster of approximately 150 games. But more doesn’t equal better. And this tenet is proven by the state of the art atmosphere built into all the games. This is the best of the best. And certainly at the cutting edge of technology. The Playtech platform offers an elegant interface that looks and feels amazing. Everything screams quality. From the state-of-the-art video slots with top tier licensed brands such as Iron Man and Kong, to the fantastic Roulette, Blackjack, Craps and other table games—all presented with a slick look that makes the experience a joy to behold. They are among those elite casinos that offer live dealer views and fully immersive true 3D graphics.

EuroGrand is based out of Gibraltar and regulated by the Gambling Commission of Gibraltar. This means that the EuroGrand Casino is regulated by an EU (Gibraltar is a territory belonging to Great Britain), which means players can enjoy the highest and most rigorous levels of oversight. Launched in 2006 by WHG Limited, EuroGrand has a unique pedigree it can really be proud of in an industry filled with me-too casinos. This shows with an immense number of registered players from all over the world.

Security and player protection is a serious matter that EuroGrand treats with the utmost respect. Security standards are at the forefront of technology, utilizing 128-bit SSL encryption to protect user data and transactions. A third party called Technical Systems Testing monitors their Random Number Generator engine, which carries their seal of approval. It has always tested fair, and it is one of the most trusted in the industry.

I mentioned the Playtech platform. All online casinos must either develop their own platform or license a pre-existing one. Playtech is a software provider that licenses the single best platform available in the online casino industry. Only the very best online casinos are able to access this software, which is constantly developing ways to further the technology available to create the best, most realistic gaming experience possible. There is no better platform out there. Graphics are state of the art and everything moves realistically, with attention to physics and the way things work in real life. The attention to detail is truly astounding.

As I’ve mentioned, there are over 150 games. Among these are about 100-slot machines, which push the envelope in graphics and sound. And, let’s face it, that’s part of the draw of slot machines. These slots aren’t just pretty faces, however, they feature bonus rounds, variable denomination betting limits, and staggering payouts, which can be tracked easily with information provided by EuroGrand.

These days, the new draw is the Live Casino. These are traditional games played at a table with a dealer or croupier. We’re talking Blackjack, Roulette, and Sic-Bo here. And there is nothing like playing these games in a brick and mortar establishment. For most of us, a trip to Vegas or Monte Carlo is out of the question. If you can’t make it to the casino EuroGrand makes sure the casino makes it to your doorstep. What they offer is the ability to play with real people over webcam. You can actually see the croupier roll the ball at the roulette table. You can talk to her. Interaction isn’t limited to clicking buttons. This is a fully immersive experience, and it’s offered in high definition. This is the next step in online gambling, and EuroGrand is at the forefront of this revolution.

One of the things players love at brick and mortar casinos are the perks. If you take a trip to Las Vegas, you can expect free alcoholic drinks all night. But not just drinks—free accommodations, free tickets to shows, and so on. This is the casino’s way of saying thank you for playing. Online casinos are different. There is no place to sit down and be offered a drink. Players are often sitting at home. This means two things. The casino enjoys low overhead, which translates into vastly better odds in favor of the player; And instead of perks, the casino offers Player Bonuses and Promotions.

EuroGrand does not skimp in the Bonus department. They offer a 1000 Euro welcome bonus, which means they will match your initial deposit with a multiplier based on tiers. If you deposit 100 Euros, they will match 300% and you’ll end up with 400 Euros in credit. If you’re a high roller, and you choose to deposit 2000 Euros, they will put in 1000 Euros of their own money, which means you’ll end up with a whopping 3000 Euros in credit. There is a wagering requirement, so definitely look at the terms to understand how this works. All things considered, though, when it comes to new players, this amount of bankrolling can make the difference between playing and winning.

If you’re a big player, you will inevitably earn comp points, which means you will eventually end up in the VIP Club. Once there, you’ll be able to enjoy a personal account manager, higher bet limits, improved comp point conversion rates, and fantastic bonuses only offered to VIPs. To top it off, VIPs get invited to VIP-only events, which can mean big wins to participants.

Customer service is one area that can often make or break an online casino. EuroGrand did not skimp in this department. They are proud of their casino and are not afraid of helping you if you have a problem. They are available 24/7 via telephone, live chat, email, or even fax (for those of us who still fax). They also offer and extensive FAQ page that offers answers to just about any question or problem you might have.

EuroGrand is top-tier by every definition. Their software is available for download, but for those disinclined, it is also available with a browser-only option. Their excellence is apparent in every facet, be it presentation, service, or in the goings on behind the scenes. I do not hesitate to recommend them. The only way to match this experience is to take the first flight out to Las Vegas.