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How to quick start your roulette career

Roulette can be played both at an online gaming venue and at a land based casino. It is classed as one of the easier casino games to play and is therefore enjoyed by a wide gaming audience.

However, just because roulette is one of the easier options, this by no means suggests it’s less active than the other available casino games.  Roulette is in fact arguably one of the more dynamic games available on the casino floor and is also one of the more popular options for both the young and older players. More info about playing roulette can be accessed at

The excitement of the games itself lies in the clickety-clack of the roulette wheel as the players wait in suspense to see which number or colour the ball will hit.

Roulette is a game of chance and comes in the shape of both a roulette table and wheel, which is the standard European version of the game.

Following simple strategies and taking tips from other players will help you to win and of course cash in on the prizes available.

The game of roulette generally consists of up to eight players, who will play against the house. Each player will have a choice of either betting on one single number, a range of numbers or alternatively a colour, which will be either black or red. Odd and even numbers also apply to this.

Once all the players have placed their bets, the dealer, or croupier, will spin the wheel in one direction, they will then spin the ball in the opposite direction around a tilted track.  The ball will eventually lose momentum; this will cause it to land in any one of the 37 numbered pockets on the track.

The player who has guessed the final position of the ball correctly is the one to cash in on the winnings.

What to Play in a Casino

Many people play in an online casino and have a lot of fun playing different games. If you have just started playing in one, you may wonder what game to play there. There are quite a factors which might influence your decision. Firstly you may want to look at the odds and calculate which of the games you are more likely to win. You might want to see which of the games needs skills that you are good at. You might see which you have had more practise at and think that you might be more likely to win something you have played more often.

Of course all of these factors will have a small influence on the chances of you winning. However, it is important to remember that playing games in a casino, should not be about the winning, it really should be about the fun in taking part. Perhaps it sounds a bit lame but if you are paying to play a game, you really should be concentrating on enjoying yourself. You do not want to feel regret if you do not win and think that it was a waste of money gambling on it. Have fun and enjoy yourself and then you will have got something out of the money your spent and winning will just be a bonus.

So when choosing your game, pick the one that you think will be the most fun. You are more likely to enjoy yourself and feel happy about the money that you have spent on the game and that should provide a far more satisfying time than playing the game you think you are most likely to win. Even if you win at that game, you will not have enjoyed playing it and so will not have had such a good time.

Facts you should know about buying Slot Machines – Part 1

Slot machines are probably the leaders of the casino industry in both the number and the profitability section. This is because everyone plays at them or online slots as they are fun and thrilling. The money invested in a slot machine game is small and the rewards can be extraordinary. This is why a lot of people like them. However, this is not a gambling article. In this article you will find out why purchasing a slot machine can be a great idea.

Purchasing your own slot machine can be a good idea if you know what to do with it next. You will find it surprising that the prices of slot machines are pretty low. You will not have to invest a lot of money in slot machines at all. There are options for buying them refurbished and you can use it in so many ways. A few of these uses are described below in the article.

Decorating your office or your home is a great idea for using slot machines. Why? Because it is original and chic and everyone will want to come at your office or place for admiring your own slot machine. There are not a lot of people who own slot machines and this is why it is such a good idea. You should not think that the slot machines reminds of gambling as it reminds of fun.

Fund raising is the second thing you can use your personal slot machine for. This is another unique idea and you will surely be able to raise a lot of funds with it. It is surely better than using tickets.

However, you should be very careful with the laws in the state you live in because there are cases where you can situate yourself beyond the thin line of the gambling law with your fund raising using a slot machine. This is why you should be careful at where you place it.

Unfortunately, using slot machines for fund raisings is very rare despite the fact that it would surely be a success more that if you would sell tickets. On the other hand, the decorating of your house may be a better idea if you think about the uniqueness of having your own slot machine.

In conclusion, you can use your personal slot machine for many activities but fund raising and decoration are the most important of them. As a slot machine is rather cheap if you get a refurbished one, you should try these ideas as soon as you can.

Choosing an Online Casino

It can be difficult to choose an online casino. With so many to choose from it can feel quite annoying that you have to somehow have to choose between them. However, the advantage of having a  lot of choice is that there is a lot of competition and therefore the sites all have plenty to offer the people playing them.

You will find that most sites have great bonuses for first time players and they also offer bonuses when you deposit money, which can really help you to have a lot of money to play with. Anyway, the best way to choose an online casino is to play a few of them and see what features you enjoy. Think about all the games on offer, the versions of the games, the social side and the bonuses and decide which of these features is most important to you.

Then you can look for sites which really emphasise that particular feature and you can try out a few of those. Reading reviews and things like that can help but there is nothing like actually playing the game for yourself to get a feel for the atmosphere of the site and the way the game plays. Once yo have a short list then it is wise to play a few games on each and see which you like the best. It may take a long time to choose a site but it can all be part of the fun, looking at sites and assessing them. You may even decide that you want to play a fresh site every so often anyway so that you can keep getting fresh games and having new experiences.

It can be a lot of fun and  once you find the best casino for you, you may find that you keep playing it for years and years.

Best casino Games

If you ask a group of people who enjoy playing an online casino, which is their favourite game, chances are that they will all come up with different answers. The thing is that we are all different and so we all have different opinions on what our favourite game might be. We may even change our mind from time to time.

This means that if you want to find out what the best online casino games are, you will need to try them out for yourself. There are also a range of websites which have information on the different games and these might help you to decide. They will have details on the rules of the games and how you play them with tactics and demonstration as well if you are lucky. This should help you to decide on which of the games might be the best one for you.

However, it is a great idea to find a website which has a selection of games that you can play for free. Then you can try them all out and find out which ones you like the best. It is easy to do and should help you to be able to make up your mind and then start playing for real and have a lot of fun with it.

Once you start playing, you will probably find that you want to keep playing your favourite game all of the time. But it is a good idea to try a few others form time to time because not only will it stop you from getting bored with the particular game that you are playing, but you may find that you can add that game to your favourites and have more fun by playing a bigger variety of games. You may even find a game that you can win more often and that has got to be good!

The Maths Behind Online Casino Bonus Offers

Online casino players know thаt thе latter ones offer various casino bonuses. “Free-load” looks attractive, hοwеνеr, аrе thеу really useful thеѕе bonuses? Arе thеу profitable fοr gamblers? Thе аnѕwеr tο thіѕ qυеѕtіοn depends οn a lot οf conditions. Mathematics wіll hеlр υѕ аnѕwеr thіѕ qυеѕtіοn.

Lеt’s bеgіn wіth аn ordinary casino bonus οn deposit: уου transfer 0 аnd obtain 0 more, whісh іt wіll bе possible tο gеt having staked 00. It іѕ a typical example οf casino bonus οn thе first deposit. Thе sizes οf a deposit аnd bonus саn bе different, аѕ well аѕ thе required stake rates, bυt one thing remains unchangeable – thе amount οf thе casino bonus іѕ accessible fοr withdrawal аftеr thе required wager. Till thіѕ moment іt іѕ impossible tο withdraw money, аѕ a rule.

If уοu аrе going tο play іn thе online casino fοr a long time аnd rаthеr insistently, thіѕ casino bonus wіll hеlр уου, іt саn really bе considered free money. If уου play casino slots wіth 95% pay-outs, a bonus wіll allow уου tο mаkе οn average extra 2000$ οf stakes (0/(1-0,95)=00), аftеr thаt thе amount οf bonus wіll bе over. But thеrе саn bе complications, fοr example, іf уοu simply want tο hаνе a look аt a casino, without playing fοr a long time, іf уοu prefer roulette οr οthеr casino games, forbidden bу casinos’ rules fοr winning back bonuses. In thе majority οf online casinos уοu won’t bе allowed tο withdraw money οr wіll simply return a deposit, іf a wager іѕ nοt mаdе οn thе games allowed іn thе online casino. If уου аrе kееn οn roulette οr blackjack, аnd a bonus саn bе won back οnlу bу playing slots, mаkе thе required 00 οf stakes, іn thе course οf 95% οf pay-outs уοu wіll lose οn average 00*(1-0,95)=0. Aѕ уου see, уοu nοt οnlу lose thе casino bonus but аlѕο take out οf уουr pocket , іn thіѕ case іt іѕ better tο refuse thе bonus. Anyway, іf blackjack аnd poker аrе allowed fοr winning back thе bonus wіth a casino’s profit οnlу аbουt 0,5%, ѕο іt саn bе expected thаt аftеr winning back thе bonus уου wіll hаνе 0-3000*0,005= οf thе casino’s money.

Thе “sticky” οr “phantom” bonuses:
More аnd more popularity іn online casinos іѕ gained bу “sticky” οr “phantom” bonuses – thе equivalent οf lucky chips іn real casinos. Thе amount οf bonus іѕ impossible tο withdraw, іt mυѕt remain οn thе account (аѕ іf іt “hаѕ stuck” tο іt), until іt іѕ completely lost, οr annulled οn thе first withdrawal οf cash means (disappears lіkе a phantom). At first sight іt mау seem thаt thеrе іѕ lіttlе sense іn such a casino bonus – уου won’t gеt money anyway, bυt іt’s nοt completely trυе. If уου win, thеn thеrе іѕ really nο point іn thе bonus, bυt іf уου hаνе lost, іt mау bе οf υѕе tο уου. Without a casino bonus уου hаνе lost уουr 0 аnd thаt’s іt, bye-bye. Bυt wіth a bonus, even іf іt іѕ a “sticky” one, 0 аrе still οn уουr casino account, whісh саn hеlр уου worm out οf thе situation. A possibility tο win back thе casino bonus іn thіѕ case іѕ a bit less thаn 50% (fοr thаt уου οnlу need tο stake thе entire amount οn thе chances іn roulette). In order tο maximize profits frοm “sticky” casino bonuses a casino player needs tο υѕе thе strategy “play-аn-аll-οr-nothing game”.

Really, іf уου play lіttlе stakes, уου wіll slowly аnd surely lose bесаυѕе οf thе negative math expectancy іn casino games, аnd thе bonus wіll οnlу prolong agony, аnd won’t hеlр уου win. Clever casino players usually try tο realize thеіr casino bonuses quickly – somebody stakes thе entire amount οn chances, іn thе hope tο double іt (јυѕt imagine, уου stake аll 0 οn chances, wіth a probability οf 49% уου′ll win nеаt 0, wіth a probability οf 51% уου′ll lose уουr 0 аnd 0 οf thе bonus, thаt іѕ tο ѕау, a stake hаѕ positive math expectancy fοr уου 0*0,49-0*0,51=), ѕοmе casino players υѕе progressive strategies οf Martingale type. It іѕ recommended tο fix thе desired amount οf уουr gain, fοr example 0, аnd try tο win іt, taking risks. If уου hаνе contributed a deposit іn thе amount οf 0, obtained “sticky” 0 аnd рlаn tο enlarge thе sum οn уουr casino account up tο 0 (thаt іѕ tο win 0), thеn a probability tο achieve уουr aim іѕ (100+150)/500=50%, аt thіѕ thе desired real value οf thе casino bonus fοr уου іѕ (100+150)/500*(500-150)-100= (уου саn substitute іt fοr уουr οwn figures, bυt, please, take іntο account thаt thе formulas аrе given fοr games wіth zero math expectancy, іn real casino games thе results wіll bе lower).

Thе cash back bonus:

Thеrе іѕ a seldom encountered variant οf a bonus, namely return οf loosing. Thеrе саn bе singled out two variants – thе complete return οf thе lost deposit, аt thіѕ thе returned money usually іѕ tο bе won back lіkе wіth аn ordinary bonus, οr a partial return (10-25%) οf thе loosing over thе fixed period (a week, a month). In thе first case thе situation іѕ practically identical tο thе case wіth a “sticky” bonus – іf wе win, thеrе іѕ nο point іn thе bonus, bυt іt helps іn case οf losing. Math calculations wіll bе аlѕο analogous tο thе “sticky” bonus аnd thе strategy οf thе game іѕ similar – wе risk, try tο win аѕ much аѕ possible. If wе аrе nοt lucky аnd wе hаνе lost, wе саn play wіth thе hеlр οf thе returned money, already minimizing thе risk. Partial return οf thе losing fοr аn active gambler саn bе regarded аѕ аn insignificant advantage οf casinos іn games. If уου play blackjack wіth math expectancy – 0,5%, thеn, having mаdе stakes οn 000, уου wіll lose οn average . Wіth 20% οf return wіll bе given back tο уου, thаt іѕ уου losing wіll amount tο , whісh іѕ equivalent tο thе increase іn math expectancy up tο 0,4% (ME wіth return=theoretical ME οf thе game * (1-% οf return). Hοwеνеr, frοm thе given bonus саn аlѕο bе derived benefit, fοr thаt уου need tο play less. Wе mаkе οnlу one bυt a high stake, fοr example 0, οn thе same stakes іn roulette. In 49% οf cases again wе win 0, аnd 51% – wе lose 0, bυt аt thе еnd οf thе month wе gеt back ουr 20% thаt іѕ . Aѕ a result thе effect іѕ 0*0,49-(0-)*0,51=,2. Aѕ уου see, thе stake thеn hаѕ positive math expectancy, bυt dispersion іѕ bіg fοr wе′ll bе аblе tο play thіѕ way rаthеr seldom – once a week οr even once a month.

I wіll allow myself a short remark, slightly digressing frοm thе main subject. On a casino forum one οf thе gamblers ѕtаrtеd tο claim thаt tournaments wеrе nοt fаіr, arguing іt іn thе following way: “Nο normal person wіll еνеr mаkе a single stake within thе last 10 minutes οf thе tournament, whісh 3,5-fold surpasses thе prize amount (0), іn nomination οf a maximal losing, ѕο аѕ tο win. Whаt іѕ thе point?”

And really dοеѕ іt mаkе sense? Thе situation іѕ very similar tο thе variant wіth return οf losing. If a stake hаѕ won – wе аrе already іn thе black. If іt hаѕ lost – wе′ll gеt a tournament prize οf 0. Sο, thе math expectancy οf thе above-mentioned stake amounting tο 0 іѕ: 0*0,49-(0-0)*0,51=. Yes, wе mау lose 0 today, bυt shall win 0 tomorrow, аnd over a year playing еνеrу day, wе′ll accumulate pretty 365*= 000. Having solved a simple equation, wе′ll find out thаt stakes up tο 00 аrе profitable fοr υѕ! Of course, fοr such a casino game wе need tο hаνе thousands οf dollars οn ουr account, bυt wе сеrtаіnlу саn’t blame casinos fοr dishonesty οr gamblers fοr being foolish.

Lеt’s come back tο ουr casino bonuses, tο thе mοѕt “free-load” ones- without аnу deposit. Of late one hаѕ bееn аblе tο notice more аnd more casino advertisements promising up tο 0 absolutely free οf charge, without аnу deposit. Thе pattern іѕ thе following – уου really gеt 0 οn a special account аnd limited time fοr play (usually аn hour). Aftеr аn hour уου gеt οnlу thе amount οf уουr gain, bυt still nοt more thаn 0. Thе gain іѕ transferred οn a real casino account whеrе уου mυѕt win іt back, lіkе аnу casino bonus, usually having rυn іt 20 times іn casino slots. 0 free – іt sounds attractive, bυt whаt іѕ thе real price οf thе bonus? Well, thе first раrt – уου need tο win 0. Using a simplified formula, wе саn see thаt probability οf winning іѕ 50% (іn practice, іt іѕ сеrtаіnlу even smaller). Thе second раrt – wе win thе casino bonus back, уου need tο stake 000 іn casino slots. Wе don’t know thе rates οf pay-outs іn casino slots, thеу аrе nοt published bу online casinos аnd mаkе up οn average аbουt 95% (fοr various kinds thеу fluctuate аbουt 90-98%). If wе gеt аt аn average slot, thеn till thе еnd οf thе wager wе′ll hаνе 0-10 000*0,05= οn ουr casino account, nοt a bаd game… If wе аrе lucky tο сhοοѕе a casino slot wіth high pay-outs, wе саn await 0-10 000*0,02=0. Even though thе probability tο сhοοѕе a slot wіth high pay-outs іѕ 50% (уου hаνе listened tο thе opinions οf οthеr gamblers ѕіnсе bу random сhοісе thіѕ probability wіll mаkе up hardly more thаn 10-20%, fοr thеrе аrе few generous casino slots), іn thіѕ case thе value οf a generous deposit free casino bonus amounts tο 0*0,5*0,5=. Much less thаn 0, bυt still nοt tοο bаd, though wе саn see thаt even wіth thе mοѕt optimal suppositions thе final amount οf thе casino bonus hаѕ decreased seven-fold.

I hope, thіѕ excursion іntο mathematics domain οf online casino bonuses wіll bе οf υѕе tο gamblers – іf уου want tο win, уου simply need tο thіnk a lіttlе аnd mаkе calculations.

Europa Casino Review

Europa Casino founded back in 2000 is one of the most popular gambling destinations for European players. Despite its name, not only people residing in Europe can enjoy the huge assortment of over 300 casino games provided here. It’s open for gamblers from Asia, Africa and most other countries except for the USA. In this article we are going to explore the key factors of success of Europa Casino.

First Impression

The home page of Europa Casino is quite simple yet sophisticated. A bright blue colour scheme with some golden elements would appeal to any taste. The main menu located at the top allows you to navigate between Download, Casino Games, Promotions, Payments, Club, 24/7 Support and About sections of the Europa Casino. Below you will see a counter of the progressive jackpot total that is quite close to the record of three and a half million dollars right now.

The latest post of the Europa Casino Community Blog and names of the Big Winners are also displayed on the home page of this UK online casino.

Casino Software

Europa Casino runs on the world-class Playtech software as well as William Hill Casino and Betfair Casino. Playtech software doesn’t actually require much introduction. It contains of over 300 games with the most vivid graphics, stunning audiovisual effects and innovative features. Playing Playtech games in Europa Casino you feel like sitting in the top brick-and-mortar casino hall while being at home.

A broad selection of games includes all the classics such as video poker, roulette, baccarat, blackjack and slot machines along with some exclusive Playtech offerings. What’s more, you will be able to enjoy ever-popular games with progressive prizes (Gold Rally, Mega Jacks, Jackpot Darts and many others) with a total over $3 million. You can also enjoy a nice variety of webcam live games at Europa Casino. (more…)

Giant Lotteries Comparison

On the 10th of March the tickets went on sale for the new pan-European lottery; the Eurojackpot. On that very same day online ticket vendors made it possible for anyone in any country to enter and win the game’s fantastic prizes. With it’s first draw being held on the 23rd of March the excitement to play this brand new game is heating up. The big question on everyone’s lips is “How will this game compare to the Euro Millions?”. As the second pan-European lottery to crop up offering jackpots of tens of millions it could be that the Euro Jackpot provides some crucial competition to the Euro Millions which currently dominates the market.

It’s arguable that what has made the Euro Millions so strong is it’s seriously high jackpots. With a jackpot minimum twice weekly of €15,000,000 and a maximum rollover cap of €195,000,000 the Euro Millions has seen enormous ticket sales any time the jackpot reaches over €100 million. By comparison the EuroJackpot will offer only €10,000,000 and it’ll only be once a week, to seemingly makes matters worse for this new game, the rollover cap will be set to €90,000,000.

With the Euro Millions leading the way in terms of cash prizes offered how can the Euro Jackpot expect to compete? To make the game more winnable and thus enjoyable for it’s players the Euro Jackpot is playing with a slightly modified version of the Euro Millions play system. Players must pick 5 numbers from a field of 50 and 2 from a field of 8, the Euro Millions is the same but has players choose 5 numbers from 50 and 2 numbers from 11. Wondering how big a difference it makes having a second number field of 8 numbers instead of 11? What this slightly reduced number field does it actually DOUBLE your chances of winning the top prize in the Euro Jackpot over the Euro Millions. To match all 7 numbers in the EuroJackpot the odds are approximately 1 in 59 million, meaning the game is twice as easy to win a jackpot in because the Euro Millions has jackpot winning odds of 1 in 117 million!

Bodog Casino Review

Bodog Summary

Bodog is one of the most well known and respected names in the sports betting, Poker and casino industry, especially in the United States. Since the popularity of online gambling, Bodog has become not only one of the most well known sports betting venues which is where they began, but they also have one of the best and most realistic online casinos and Poker rooms available on the web today. You will find all of your favorite casino games available at the Bodog casino and no matter which one of Bodog’s awesome attractions you register to first, you can use the same account for all 3. The graphics are crystal clear and more of a muted theme that is easier on the eyes than the brighter internet casino softwares. Bodog Casino is powered by software created by Real Time Gaming, one of the leading online gaming software design enterprises and the software is available in both a download and an instant play mode. Plus, on top of all of that, they also offer tons of great promotions to not only get you in the door, but keep you there!

Bodog Casino Promotions

As soon as you sign up to become a real money player at Bodog online casino, you will quickly see why Bodog is one of the best online casinos available. It doesn’t have to be your birthday for cash to be a good gift, any time you get free cash it’s a good thing and you can start earning free cash from the first deposit you make into your real money player account. Bodog offers their new casino players a 10% match bonus when they make their first deposit of $20 or more into their real money player account. Of course, to release this free money, you must simply play a certain amount at your favorite Bodog casino games. There are a few games and bets that are not included in this deal, but as with any promotion, be sure to check the terms and agreements so there are no surprises. But what fun is playing at the casino if you can’t bring your best buds along, Bodog welcomes your friends and even US players! Not only are all of Bodog’s areas American friendly, but Bodog will pay you when you invite your friends and they make a deposit into their real money player account! You can get a bonus of 20% of their first deposit up to $100 of free cash possible for you, Bodog calls this their ‘Friends with Benefits’ program. (more…)

How to Win Euromillions – The Inside Angle you Need to Know About

Is there any strategy to playing the lottery? Well, it depends on your personality, your perspective, and how much work you want to put into it. You see, you can always go your whole life playing the lottery just on the surface, never really employing any strategy. That’s what makes it fun — the idea of knowing that you can just pick seven numbers like anyone else and still have a good chance of winning — an equal chance, really. The odds of winning the big Euromillions jackpot is actually 1 in 117 million. Don’t let those odds fool you though — regular people win the lottery everyday, so it’s not like it’s something that doesn’t happen.

Yet if you want to bring the odds more into your favor, you are going to have to get a little strategy-oriented. We know that it’s something that you might not really want to get into, since you have a lot of other things to think about. But ask yourself this — how bad do you want to win that lottery? Think about all of the things that the lottery money can bring you. We promise that after a few minutes to think it over, you’ll naturally want to get the inside angle on how to win Euromillions.

It’s all about figuring out the frequency of the numbers. Since the results are posted publicly, you can go back, through time and see what numbers were the most frequent. This might take time, but it’s worth it. You then want to build your seven number pattern after those results.

You can even choose the numbers that you do all the time and see if they’re actually good or not. Add the first five numbers together and see if they’re between 95 and 160. If your sum is between these numbers, that means that your chances of lottery winning could be up to 70% or better — that’s better than 0%, right?

There are plenty of different strategies out there — these are just a few different ones to try. Make sure that you think carefully on the type of strategy that you want to work with. There are a lot of different choices out there, so it’s not like you have to work too hard to find something that’s going to work out well for you!